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Enclosure’s highly-experienced professionals licensed in Wyoming and Idaho work efficiently to fulfill your land surveying needs for residential and commercial development, land divisions, and real estate transactions.

Combining decades of surveying experience on both sides of Teton Pass, Enclosure understands, manages, and executes projects with the highest level of professionalism and local knowledge.

Whether residential, commercial, or municipal, Enclosure’s versatile, flexible, and creative team finds simple and effective solutions to complex problems that arise on even the most well-planned projects.

From title surveys for purchasing a commercial property, to terrestrial and airborne LiDAR mapping, Enclosure is at the forefront of the surveying and mapping business using the latest technologies to serve their client’s needs and guide projects from concept to completion.

Enclosure closely monitors the communities where it works, attending local public meetings ensuring the insight and methods of current Land Development Regulations and Codes, Planning and Zoning, Construction Projects, and Design Reviews. By doing so, Enclosure has forged its vision of becoming the name relied upon most in the Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Legal, and Real Estate professions.

Devoted to its Teton County, WY and Teton County, ID communities, Enclosure’s team dedicates time and resources to local entities and non-profit organizations while committing to responsive relationships with its clients in the public, private, and governmental sectors.

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